Mindfulness in the Workplace, Mindfulness in Education, Mindful Leadership

About Mindfulness Strategies

Mindfulness Strategies was founded in 2017 by Kimberly Kelly Hill. Forged by Hill’s passion for mindfulness and her vision to integrate its many benefits into the workplace, our programs are designed to drive organizational performance and success by helping organizational members embrace and embed mindfulness strategies into the lives, both in and outside of the workplace.

Benefits for the organization can include, but are not limited to: improved organizational alignment, increased employee engagement, elevated adaptability and innovation, and the creation of an organizational culture that attracts and retains the best talent.

We offer coaching, trainings, speaking engagements, retreats, and many other mindfulness development programs that specifically focus on helping company leaders, executives, and their employees:

  • Handle stress and uncertainty productivity

  • Expand cognitive flexibility

  • Develop more effective working relationships

  • Increase emotional intelligence

  • Lengthen attention span

In turn, these benefits establish the foundation that is needed to increase performance, create a compelling culture, drive innovation, and successfully adapt in today’s rapidly changing work environment.

How Is Mindfulness Strategies Different?

We help professionals successfully integrate and embed evidence-based, organization-driven mindfulness practices into their work processes that lead to higher individual and organizational performance.

Each program is carefully designed to help organizations achieve their specific goals. This is accomplished by first identifying aspirations, gaps, and/or obstacles the client wishes to address. We work with relevant organizational stakeholders to ensure that the programs developed for them are optimized for their situations and yield maximum ROI.

Our programs leverage physical wellness, customized meditation, and best practices from neuroscience research to deliver well-rounded experiences that help solidify mindfulness as an ongoing practice. Our implementation and management strategies include specified roles for company leaders, executives, and employees that drive and reinforce development of a sustainable, mindful culture.