About Mindfulness Strategies Director, Kim Hill

As a trained Mindfulness Facilitator from UCLA Semel Institute For Neuroscience and Human Behavior and Certified Member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association, Kim Hill’s passion for helping businesses and organizations shines through in her trainings. With 40+ years of experience in education, health, and wellness, she has given her mindfulness seminars and consultations around the country for schools, universities, and corporations.


The Components of Health

Kim Hill always felt there was a missing piece in the puzzle of health and wellness. While people largely understand the role that diet and exercise play in building a strong body, they often forget the pivotal part our mind plays in a well-rounded lifestyle.

“When you look at a beautiful painting, it may appear to be just two dimensions, but you’re actually looking at something that has layers upon layers. So, when you’re looking at mindfulness in the whole person, it’s not just about mindfulness—it’s about your whole lifestyle. You’re exercising, you’re eating healthy, and you’re living in the present.”
— Kim Hill

It was this connection of mind, body, and spirit that motivated Kim to dive into mindfulness. Nearly a decade after she began her search for answers, absorbing thousands of pages of literature, participating in dozens of retreats, becoming yoga certified, and completing extensive coursework in the study of mindfulness, Kim designed a mindfulness curriculum of her own.

Mindfulness Strategies

As company executives are now realizing the great financial and organizational benefits of investing in mindfulness practices, the challenge becomes finding the right instructor with the seasoned knowledge and experience to implement these practices in a manner that maximizes positive impact in the workplace. Mindfulness Strategies helps businesses, medical institutions, and educational organizations boost their employees’ productivity, health, and overall well-being.

Every Great Strategy Has A Story

A good story is more than entertainment, it’s an opportunity to educate. Mindfulness Strategies focuses on teaching through the use of real life experiences and true events that help participants develop emotional connections to mindfulness concepts, which drive individual ownership and passion for intentional adoption of mindfulness practices. These relatable stories are bolstered by current, cutting-edge research and empirical evidence that further solidify the value of mindfulness practices.

The combination of meditation and neuropsychology coupled with excellence in teaching is what makes Mindfulness Strategies’ programs unique. This combination results in more holistic, effective, and sustainable development of mindfulness practices in your organizational environment.