Mindfulness Seminars and Speaking Engagements

The vast majority of the United States’ workforce is chronically stressed, over stimulated, and overworked. Because of this, workplace productivity is in a slump, teachers and students alike are reporting higher anxiety levels than in previous generations, and our ability to focus is feeble.

But there is still time to change our trajectory and get back on the right track. With over 40 years of experience in health, wellness, and mindfulness education and consulting, Kim Hill delivers brilliant seminars and speaking engagements to provide comprehensive, empirically-based, applicable mindfulness strategies.

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Where Passion Meets Knowledge

While there is no shortage of passionate mindfulness instructors out there, many lack the business savvy, education, and medical background that Mindfulness Strategies retains. During Kim Hill’s speaking engagements, she merges physical wellness, mental health, and meditation practices tailored to your individual or corporate needs.

Mindfulness Strategies’ goal is to help organizations in both the private and public sectors maximize returns through fundamental mindfulness practices that boost work ethic, creativity, and overall well being. We’ll help you identify some simple, yet essential, organizational changes that will help to reduce chronic stress and jump-start your spirit.

Mindfulness Made Simple

While all of our methods are rooted in empirical research, we unscramble the mystery of mindfulness into comprehensible pieces. Kim Hill is an experienced keynote speaker, workshop leader, and presenter for a multitude of professional development events and seminars, and would love to align with your organization.

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