Workplace Mindfulness for Businesses

From corporations to startups, mindfulness practices are actively being integrated into businesses everywhere. As research continues to confirm the link between employees’ mental health and their performance, company leaders are allocating significant time and resources to ensure their business is fostering a creative environment where everyone can excel.

Whether your company is interested in meditation trainings, retreats, speaking engagements, and/or mindfulness consultations, we’re here to help.

What Makes Mindfulness Strategies Right for My Business?

While many mindfulness instructors have an abundant dedication and passion for mindfulness practices, it’s Mindfulness Strategies Director, Kim Hill, whose knowledge, educational background, and ability to apply these strategies to business that separates us from the others trainers. Most companies have become interested in meditation due to its correlation with higher productivity rates and potential to increase creative problem solving; however, meditation also has amazing health benefits for employees and employers alike.

In fact, much of today’s research suggests that there are significant physical benefits to mindfulness practice such as reductions in chronic pain, high blood pressure, and headaches, just to name a few. In addition, meditation practices can help to diminish anxiety, stress, and sleep disruption.

Mindfulness Really Works

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Cutting-edge tech companies, like Google and Apple, and even major consumer product distributors, like Target and Nike, have implemented mindfulness into their respective work cultures. This is because the benefits of meditation, mindfulness-based retreats, and creative culture are showing a major return on investment, or ROI.

In fact, research by Harvard Medical School, suggests that in healthcare savings alone, companies could be saving between $640 and $25,500 per employee by integrating mindfulness practices in the workplace. Moreover, companies like Aetna, who have invested in mindfulness strategies, yoga courses, and meditation practices experienced an increase in productivity that equated to an estimated $3,000 per employee!

Developing a Creative Corporate Culture

Many businesses that are interested in Mindfulness Strategies are also enthusiastic about building a creative work culture that attracts the best talent and inspires their current employees. When you implement the practices taught by Mindfulness Strategies, your company will establish:

  • Stronger team collaboration
  • Better organizational alignment
  • Team-driven organizational values

Mindfulness Strategies can help you foster a work environment that facilitates creative, problem-solving solutions, attracts the best talent, and secures your organization as a leader in your given industry. Click the button below to contact us about your company’s mindfulness needs.

Happy, Healthy People Help Your Company

When your employees are happy and healthy, so is your company. Between the reductions in stress, better sleep, and the cultivation of a supportive, creativity-boosting culture, business can flourish for both employers and employees.

When you’re ready to take your company to the next level, click the button below to contact Mindfulness Strategies for individually designed mindfulness and meditation programs tailored to your exact needs.